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Our Teachers

We believe that learning requires collaboration, collegiality and support. Law institutes in other parts of the world with whom we have exchange our experiences we find that who have established centres, endowed lectures, contribute alot in this journey of moulding law for the realisation of socio-economic justice.

A step into the future should also be a transformational move. One, which not only educates you, but also prepares you for life, for social responsibility and all the noble ideals the Constitution of India upholds.

Since from the opening of Alok Law Classes, the center has been home to vital conversations on law and justice. These conversations have acknowledged that questions of justice arise in all legal pursuits whether in the world of courts, corporations, education or administration. Using law as an instrument of social change center has supported crusades for land rights, disability empowerment and against moral policing and hate speech. Alok Law Classes is committed to the creation of an ethical legal culture, which protects and promotes the rule of law. The social justice agenda is no laughing matter but the center believes that the cause of building a rule of law society is a continuous enterprise, which is sustainable if it is undertaken with optimism and good cheer.

With students admitted from all over the Bhopal, Alok Law Classes is counted amongst the top law classes in Bhopal. Students and administration revel in laughing at self and other. Humour both black and genial will be found aplenty at Alok Law Classes.

In accord with its liberal outlook, legal education is imparted in an inter-disciplinary manner. Consequently, there is convergence between the disciplines of law, social sciences, humanities, and management studies in both developing and executing the curriculum in the various degree and diploma courses. Teaching we believe becomes monotonous and mediocre unless accompanied with both theoretical and empirical research.